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Open House Kit

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This kit can be expected to last between 2 and 4 open houses. This is an estimate based on how carefully you save/conserve, and how many people visit. In the worst of all possible cases, the kit lasts two very busy, very productive, open houses :)  At 3 open houses this means a pretty amazing deal at only  $12.66 per open house.

  • 1 sign in pad to collect customer info
  • 1 HTRE magnet and 5 HTRE stickers for branding, leave-behinds, hanging things, etc
  • 2 welcome signs to choose from and one acrylic sign stand to hold it
  • 1 Real Estate Commission required notice sign and one acrylic sign stand to hold it
  • 10 assorted HTRE and Open House balloons
  • 10 16" balloon sticks to make the balloons re-usable, not require helium, and 'stand up'
  • Pens
  • 1 subject property door hanger inviting visitors to come inside
  • 35 door hangers to use in the neighborhood and announce your open house in advance
  • 1 instructional sheet covering all of these items and best practices
  • FREE shipping